Tell me a story: An ode to laptop stickers with the inhabitants of Rand booths – The Vanderbilt Hustler

2023-02-26 05:00:27 By : Ms. Kiki Liao

I stalked the booths of Vanderbilt’s most beloved dining hall in search of some fun laptop stickers. Here’s what people had to say.

A student laptop with many curated stickers, as photographed on Jan. 20, 2023. (Hustler Staff/Blythe Bouza) 5d Diamond Painting

Tell me a story: An ode to laptop stickers with the inhabitants of Rand booths – The Vanderbilt Hustler

Blythe Bouza, Deputy Life Editor January 31, 2023

The art of the perfectly curated laptop sticker display is something that every student tries to achieve at some point in their academic career. Not only are these amalgamations of stickers the quintessential way to try and subtly show off your quirky interests, favorite media and hometown, but they can also be stellar conversation starters and topics. 

That being said, I decided to peruse the booths of Rand (and the laptops of their inhabitants) and ask people about the stickers on their computer. The responses I received ranged from incredibly thoughtful to clever and even self-promotion.

While LeRoux had a wide array of random stickers on his computer, he told me that the one of a turtle on top of an alligator is his favorite, claiming that as a Florida native, alligators are a very central fixture of Floridian culture.

“The fact that the turtle is sitting on top of the alligator and saying ‘at dawn we ride’ makes me feel like they’re going on an adventure, which is exciting,” LeRoux said. 

So, simply put, this sticker is just for pure fun.

If you want to match with Alex, you can purchase the alligator and turtle duo here .

If you’ve been pounding the Vanderbilt pavement for long enough and pondering ways to spend your Meal Money in a worthwhile way, then you’ve undoubtedly heard of the (micro)famous food Instagram account @hungryyhank. You need to follow them. Trust me on this one. Don’t forget to #spactthat! 

@hungryyhank already has some iconic merchandise, such as their original gray hoodie, limited edition holiday sweatshirt and even gameday buttons. That being said, the stickers are really only native to the laptops of the founders, so I decided to have a chat with sophomore and Hungry Hank co-founder Ella DuCharme, to see the story behind the iconic logo that now graces her laptop. 

“We don’t want [@hungryyhank] to be just about food,” DuCharme said. “It’s also about highlighting [Sofia’s and my] voice as the two [faces behind our Instagram and brand].” 

Both DuCharme and her co-founder sophomore Sofia Lloyd are from Texas, so the sticker naturally features two girls clad in cowboy hats and boots. For a fun finishing touch, one of their good friends from the University of Texas-Austin designed the sticker personally for them.

“[It makes our Instagram] fun and like more of a brand and alternate persona,” DuCharme said.

Madison’s laptop caught my eye because of the extensive display of stickers on its cover. They go so nicely together that it’s hard to choose just one to delve into. 

“Every year(ish), I have a different color theme because I like to be very aesthetic,” Good said. “This year, [the laptop stickers] are kind of a retro, rainbow theme.” 

She says that she’ll sit on sticker selection for a few weeks, making sure they all perfectly match her vision. 

“Some are musicals, some are mottos and things I live by, you know, pop culture references,” Good said. “[The stickers are] just things that generally make me happy.”

Shea Gordon is quite a character when it comes to the obscure and sparse stickers that cover his computer. At first, he thought I was asking about a minuscule bee sticker of his, saying it’s on there just because he “really likes bees.” However, I was more focused on the one that reads “Life is Pandemonium.” 

While I know that it’s a quote from a show he was in last spring , “The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee,” I was still intrigued to learn why exactly he decided to keep this phrase on his laptop. Essentially, it’s just an ornamental reminder to him that no matter what, life is going to be a little hectic. As Vanderbilt students, I think we all need to remember to roll with the punches. 

“Life is wild,” Gordon said. “So, sometimes it’s good to remind yourself before you’re gonna dive into a five-page essay that things [are] wild. And that’s ok. Acceptance is key.”

These stickers are simply a minute sliver of the wealth of intriguing graphics that linger on the back of Vanderbilt students’ laptops. While someone’s computer sticker may seem basic, pretentious or just plain foolish, maybe there’s more of a story behind it than meets the eye — don’t judge a laptop’s owner by its stickers. Look around in your next class, and I’m sure you’ll find something exciting. 

Blythe Bouza ('25) is a student in the College of Arts and Sciences planning to double major in neuroscience and English with a minor in theatre. When not writing for The Hustler, you can find her waiting in line at Suzie’s or making a new niche Spotify playlist. You can reach her at blythe.v[email protected]

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Tell me a story: An ode to laptop stickers with the inhabitants of Rand booths – The Vanderbilt Hustler

Large Alphabet Cutting Dies Very proud of you Blythe. You have always excelled in everything you do. You family and friends love and respect you. I really enjoyed this I found both fun and enlightening.